The Harrison Law Group, P.C., is a Nashville, Tennessee-based law firm specializing in construction, land use, real estate litigation, homeowner’s association issues and property-related legal issues, as well as animal law issues. Significant practice areas include:

Construction Litigation

Our construction litigation practice represents our clients' interests once a dispute has arisen. We represent our clients in all forums including trials at the state and federal level, arbitrations and mediations. We handle warranty claims; building design and construction defect claims; defective improvement and remodeling claims; claims for failure to disclose; surety and bond claims and governmental regulatory litigation related to construction; and insurance claims and other matters related to construction. We have extensive experience litigating in court and in arbitration. We also have a significant appellate practice and routinely brief and argue matters on appeal to state and federal appellate courts.


Our construction transactional practice helps our clients avoid problems through careful drafting of contracts that protect our clients' interests. We use our experience to analyze and draft all manner of contracts, including warranty agreements, arbitration provisions, design-build agreements and AIA contracts.

Land Use

Federal, state, and local governments regulate growth and development through a complex set of statutes and ordinances. However, private developers and individuals create most restrictions on the use of land through subdivision restrictions and similar deed restrictions. Our firm addresses land use issues that are both private and governmental in nature, including planning and zoning issues, historic and conservation zoning issues, platting, subdivision and homeowner association issues.

Administrative Law (Governmental hearings/appeals)

We regularly appear before administrative agencies on behalf of our clients whose interests vary from zoning concerns, to planning issues, to licensing matters and a host of agency concerns. Our firm represents our clients in matters at all levels of government both federal and state.

Appellate Law

We routinely handle appellate matters both originating from our firm and coming from clients seeking our expertise in addressing appellate issues. Our cases have made new law and clarified existing issues. We can efficiently identify potential issues on appeal even during a trial, assess the potential of cases on appeal and manage all aspects of the appellate process.

Property and General Litigation

We handle a diversity of general litigation for our clients in trials and arbitrations on a wide variety of issues ranging from property boundary disputes to real estate contract disputes and other commercial litigation issues.

Animal Law

We routinely advise clients on animal law issues, including regulatory compliance concerns, kennel licensing, dog bite/vicious dog cases, and we appears before administrative agencies and courts on behalf of our clients.